School for Excellence
School for Excellence

Why create a School for Excellence in Greece today?

A School for Excellence will create the appropriate conditions for gifted children to be educated, in order to develop the different aspects of their talents and intelligence, produce creative and innovative ideas, envisage the world, their future and our society in a different, inspirational way, so as to contribute towards the overall progress and well being of society.
School for Excellence and its social dimension

The school, as a social institution, respecting the democratic values of the wider social and political system, is obliged to provide equal learning opportunities to all pupils, in order for them to fully develop their potential. This means that gifted pupils should also be given the opportunity to learn at their own pace. Besides, equality does not mean promoting the “average” performance, but supporting the individual needs of all pupils.
Pupils who create and invent beyond our expectations, improve human achievements. As adults they have left their mark on the technological, scientific, economic, cultural and moral development of society.
International know-how and experience

Educational courses for “gifted and talented” children have been developed in almost all developed countries. There exist relevant research programs in Universities, as well as Primary and Secondary schools for children with special mental abilities and talents.
In 1994 the European Council in its decree to all EU Member States encouraged them to “vote for and apply legislation that promotes the support of gifted and talented children”.
National legislation

In the past, within Greek legislation, gifted pupils had been included in Special Education, as pupils with particular educational needs and skills. With the new legal framework of operation of the Model Experimental Schools, the idea of Excellence has now started to develop, as well as the need for schools targeted at pupils of high learning abilities and talents. However, in effect there is no such curriculum developed as yet, focused on such pupils.