Our goals
Our goals

“Education for Excellence” is active in two main fields:

  • Submitting proposals and implementing actions, at institutional and social level, for the promotion of the idea of Excellence.

Such endeavours are achieved through legislative initiatives, publications, seminars, conferences, lectures, specialised programs in schools, specialised seminars for both educators and parents of gifted children and partnerships with other institutions promoting Excellence in education through integrated courses.

  • Conducting studies, research and fundraising in order to establish a “School for Excellence” in Primary and Secondary education and additionally creating courses or programs for Excellence within public and private schools.

The goal of the “School for Excellence” is to create an educational environment for pupils with high learning abilities; to promote, enhance and optimise their special capabilities, skills and talents as well as the holistic development of their personality (mentally, psychologically, emotionally and physically) so that they become active citizens with creative and critical thinking, and a motivation to offer to society.

The priority of the “School for Excellence” is the promotion and nourishment of pupils’ natural gifts, not only to their own benefit but to that of the society as a whole.