Foundation and operation
Foundation and operation

Principles, values, directions

How does the School for Excellence create the framework that will help establish its goals:

  • The pupils are selected following an evaluation process, recommended by internationally acclaimed scientific and research centres.
  • It provides high-quality teaching and excellent level of curricula
  • The educational staff is selected with carefully applied pedagogical criteria, and innovative teachers are encouraged
  • It is governed by internal and external evaluation systems for its pupils, teachers and the school as a whole, in line with international educational standards
  • In the evaluation of the pupils, the development of their skills and abilities is taken seriously into consideration, in line with international educational standards

The school focuses on the development of the following abilities and skills:

  • Communication in the mother tongue and development of the capability of expression in it
  • Communication in foreign languages
  • Skills in Maths, Literature, Sciences, Technology
  • Ability to use effectively the knowledge already obtained, as a tool for acquiring new knowledge
  • Social skills and development of initiatives for social activities
  • Love of art, innovation and creativity for the development of pioneering activities for people’s benefit
  • Knowledge, understanding and acceptance of professional ethics and new technologies’ ethics
  • Awareness-raising on the protection of the environment

The School also puts emphasis on:

  • The holistic, balanced development of mental and emotional abilities
  • The formation of personalities with high ideals and values on Education
  • The promotion of knowledge as a value of primary significance to mankind
  • The development of high level sports and creative skills, as well as a volunteering spirit, necessary aspects for a balanced individual. In this way, academic achievement goes hand-in-hand with high achievements in sports, arts and social contribution
  • The familiarising of pupils with the new social landscape resulting from global changes in technology, politics and the economy
  • The creative use of best educational practices of more developed countries
  • The creation of school team spirit and ethics

The School for Excellence will enrich its activities with:

  • The dissemination of ideas, values, principles and models for the education of gifted and talented children to schools throughout the country, through specialised seminars, training and partnerships
  • The research on modern methods of optimal education for gifted pupils, through studying the current international literature, experience and know-how
  • The cooperation with educational authorities and institutions, Universities, national, regional and municipal authorities, as well as public and private schools
  • The linkage of pupils, after graduating from school and University, with research centres, institutions and programs, focused on giving them opportunities for making the most of their abilities in their academic, professional and social life
  • The cooperation, participation and membership in international organisations that study and promote the education for Excellence

These are the main principles under which the School for Excellence will operate. It will not be limited to the encouragement of a small group of gifted children, but focused on the development of gifted behaviour and talents by all children, and mainly by those with the highest potential.

The School for Excellence will also offer scholarships, so that gifted and talented pupils from less privileged families will be able to attend and benefit from the curriculum.